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Melissa Sperber

Melissa Sperber had a dream since she was a child to write and play music in order to uplift the people around her. She is from NJ, works as a teacher and mentor to young girls and women from around the world, and is extremely excited for this opportunity to share her music and message in Israel.

Judith Gerzi
Rebbetzen Judith gerzi hails from England, London and made aliya in 2004 with her husband rabbi yehoshua gerzi and one daughter at the time. Growing up frum, and extremely shy,  she never dreamed she would become a soul singer. But that's exactly what happened. Her dream of bringing achdut between am yisrael through music had become something of a possibility. She now lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with her family of 7 and helps run her husbands beit hamedrash. Other than her passion for singing, she also runs a sheitle salon & gemach.
Lizzi Serling is a California native living in Maalot Dafna, Jerusalem. She's got a 2 year old named Dovid, and a mostly useless background in "show biz."  She's a singing teacher for women and girls and loves seeing her students challenge their limits. She's written some music and she hopes that you'll like it. 
Lizzi Serling
Ra'chel Sachs, 25, is a talented young woman from New York who has been dabbling in music since the age of 12. She sings with a wide-range of deep soul and an incredible knack for imitations and vocal nuances.
Ra'chel's voice is powerful, touching, and amazingly complex. Combined with her love for instrumentals and people, she performs in a captivating way that inspires her audience.Rachel will be playing with Rachel Kay, Chaya Bekermus and Chana Sayeg
Ra'chel Sachs

Address: Mevo Modi'im, Israel

Phone: 050-856-0568


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